An idea about the Latest Danske Lotto Results


The Danske Lotto which is also referred to as the ‘Danish Lotto’ can be the game which is extremely popular, as well as for not only limited to Denmark. There are a huge number of lottery fans all around the world who can choose to go with the Danske Lotto draws as well as get the chance to go with the huge jackpot. One can choose to go with the lucky draws each week which are organised mostly on Wednesday and Saturday. The ‘Lørdag’ Lotto actually is held on Saturday, on the other hand, one can get the Viking Lotto which is available on each Wednesday. This is the perfect opportunity to win a lot of money with a single ticket! Let’s get an idea about alle lottotal.

A highlight of the lOttery game

The Danske Lotto game requires players within a range of 1 to 36. There is also an opportunity to go with the bonus number which is referred aa the Tillægstal which allows one to draw the luck ay random. The person who can match any of the given seven main numbers becomes the winner of the the jackpot, as well as comes out with a minimum value of 6,000,000 kr. There is also a chance to increase the winnings by matching Tillægstal.

Lotto game

How to make a winning?

If someone wishes to go with the winning of the Danske Lotto jackpot there is a need to go with the right selections of the seven main numbers. However, there is a need to keep in mind the other consolation prizes. The lotto entry is successful also in case one can get a handful of main numbers, at such times, the prize value will reflect numbers that have matched correctly. This is also accessible when one wishes to follow the Danske Lotto Prizes list.

When are the lucky draw sessions held?

Denmark Lotto draws are held on Saturday right at 20:00 CET and comes with a cost of 5 or which can help one enter a single line. One can be sure to get the access to the five prize tiers, as which can also come with the additional extra raffle guaranteeing two prizes worth 1 million KR. One can also gets the chance to play supplementary Joker when he or she plays with the main Lotto draw.


With this idea of drawing the number, one can also get the Prizes. The Lotto prizes are calculated with the help of the pari-mutuel terms which can depend on a number of tickets sold as well as the total number of winners. There is also an option to go with better winnings through the draw to draw. The prize money that is paid for matching four numbers comes to a fixed amount of 50 kg.


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